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Project Solution

Off-Grid /Grid Interactive Solution

We can provide solar powered off grid solution of any capacity according to customer’s demand.

On-Grid Solution

Capacity range for On-Grid Solution is from 1 Kw upto few Mega Watts (as per client’s requirement).

Solar Nano-Grid/ Mini-Grid Project

Capacity of our Nano Grid/ Mini-Grid projects are of 2.5 Kw to 500 Kw.

Solar Powered BTS Project

Capacity of our Solar powered BTS projects are like 5~6 KW according to the demand of the tele-communication companies..

Solar Powered Car Parking

We can provide solar powered car parking solution of any capacity according to customer’s demand.

Solar Powered Irrigation Pump

1. Irrigation Pump: Capacity 0.5 HP to 20 HP
2. Pure Drinking Water Pump: Capacity: 2000~20000 litre
3. Combined Electrification & Irrigation Pump

Solar Street Light

We can provide solar street light as per customer’s demand. We can also arrange LED lighting system at boundary of industry, emergence lighting etc.

Solar Water Heater

capacity of our solar water heater is 200 litre and 250 litre

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