Profile of Management

Chairman & Managing Director

Born in 1949, Mr. Shafiul Islam Kamal, joined the Islam Group in 1968. It was the beginning of a successful career in the automotive, construction & real estate business.

He played a major role in establishing Navana Limited as the premier car company in Bangladesh and in setting up Aftab Automobiles.

Mr. Islam was also responsible for the construction company named: Bengal Development Corporation (BDC) and by 1981 he was also taking care of Eastern Housing Limited, then the largest real estate developing company in bangladesh.

In 1996, after the death of Mr. Jahurul Islam, the then Chairman of Islam Group & Brother of Mr. Shafiul Islam, he separated from Islam Group with Navana Ltd. and Aftab Automobiles Ltd. and formed Navana Group.

Since then under his guidance Navana Group has flourished and expanded in several key business segments.



Senior Vice Chairman

Mr. Saiful Islam, son of Mr. Shafiul Islam Kamal, had his education in business from New Delhi University, India.

His career began in 1997 as he took up the Sales and Marketing department of Biponon Limited. In 2002 after completion of his MBA Mr. Islam moved to Navana Real Estate Limited as Director. Here he looked after the Accounts, Sales and Construction department.

In 2005 he took over the operations of Navana Limited, the flagship company of Navana Group, as Director. In the next 3 years Mr. Islam reformed the business approach to better cope with the changing business environment and led Navana Limited to regain the highest market share in the brand new automobile business.

In 2008 he finally took the mantle of Vice Chairman of Navana Group.